Thursday, 1 October 2009


SquidLondon’s umbrella changes into a walking piece of art as soon as the rain falls onto the panels – revealing a colourful design in an imaginative way. SquidLondon’s first 100 limited umbrellas sold out in 11 days, as featured by The Sunday Times.
Their new range 'Bird Squit' is now available at Material. They are available to buy in store and will soon be available to buy online. Pop in for a demonstration of how they work.

Video showing them in action coming soon- we're just waiting for it to rain!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Congratulations To Our 100th Customer

We would like to say congratulations to our 100th customer who came in to Material at approx 5pm on Saturday and won a free Pantone mug of their choice and made a great choice of Pantone number 230 C.

There will be more promotions coming up to Christmas so watch the blog/ website for details.

New issue of IdN Now in Stock

We now have in stock the new issue of IdN magazine- The Self Promotion issue...

There are few professions for which self-promotion is more important then that of graphic designers, for it is on the material that they produce to sell their own services that they will be judged. And if designers can’t design a decent piece of self-promotional materials, what hope do they have of convincing a potential client that they could do a good job for them? Our biggest-ever feature, presenting the self-referential work of 25 artists and their views on how best to introduce yourself to the world

For more information, visit the IdN website here and whilst you are there, also check out the new IdN extra which is also in stock.