Saturday, 8 January 2011


Location: BadLambs & Sons (Map)
37 Lamb’s Conduit Street, London, WC1N 3NG

Situated in Lamb's Conduit Street, Badlambs & Sons is a place where the back view of heads are the main visual point of the barber and, with Page Tsou’s multimedia installation, also the viewer who is invited to contemplate the poetics between the subject and the object, presence and absence.

Between presence and absence, there is The And.
After drawing three thousand front head portraits, Page began to be intrigued by the idea of using rear heads as visual focal points. The rear head view, signaling a reverse of subjective view, mirrors the double-ended thinking as the exhibition theme. On the one hand, The And plays with the “end” as the perspective of the barber and the objectification of the subject. On the other, by replacing the “End” with the linking word, “And”, Tsou invites the viewers to think outside the narrative frames of the subjective view and contemplate on what is presented and what is not presented in defining truth.

A graduate of the RCA, The And is Page Tsou’s first solo exhibition in London. Page’s illustrations won the first prize at the Man Group Drawing Awards in RCA and exhibited widely around the world, including Bologna Annual Illustration Exhibition and the Biennial Printmaking Exhibition at The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. His works have been collected by Lady Conran, the CEO of Yamaha Design Centre (UK) and the art director of Sony PlayStation. Highly appreciated by master artists like Quentin Blake and Alain de Button, Page had won their consent to use their rear head views in his works. (Written by Yahuei Yang)

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