Friday, 3 September 2010


Our final addition to our extensive new range of books that loosely reside under the category of Food & Drink is JELLY by Bompas & Parr. Those of you who have been dining out in the summer months may have noticed Jelly is making a bit of a comeback and a lot of thanks goes out to these creative capers and their architectural forms of jelly.

We at Material have had our eye on these chaps since stumbling upon their Alcoholic Architecture which consisted of a walk in cloud of breathable G&T (of course you couldn't keep something like this from our gin loving Lady). Other accolades include work on Heston Blumenthals recent series Feast; a vast glowing jelly installation for San Francisco MOMA; and the Architectural Punchbowl where they flooded a Robert Adam building with 4 tonnes of Courvoisier Punch.

As Bompas & Parr also design and manufacturer bespoke jelly moulds and kitchenalia and make fine English jellies, it wasn't going to be long before these jellymongers were championed in book form. JELLY is the definitive book on the history and making of the jelly presenting an overview of the history of jelly, ranging from Henry VIII's 'jelly hippocras' to the forms dreamed up by the Victorians. It then explores the science of creating the perfect jelly, using the very best ingredients and unmoulding techniques.

Published by Anova Books

For more information, visit the Bompas and Parr website

Thursday, 2 September 2010


Another happy customer of Material as the idler finds new readership...

(picture courtesy of Libby Lord copy write 2010)


The Ludlow food festival is due to commence Friday 10th September and, in preparation, we have been expanding our choice of food titles with a range of beautifully designed recipe books that will not only tantalise your taste buds but also inspire and present to us the finer details of food, cooking and restaurant design.

A few of the items in question arrived in store this week...

LEON 2: NATURALLY FAST FOOD Those of you who yearn for an honest healthy approach to fast food may be familiar with the London chain Leon.

Written by the man behind the fast food chain, Henry Dimbleby, Leon's recently published and beautifully designed book is both inspriring and exceptionally practical; a reflection of the design and premise of the restaurant itself. The combination of it's signature 1930s/40s Spanish graphics and recipes delivered in a buoyant tone whilst ticking all the boxes, this book is a delight to read.

A book of two halves. The first half is 'Fast Food', which contains recipes for every occasion that take a maximum of 20 minutes to prepare: from a work day breakfast and children's meals to simple suppers and party food. The second half is 'Slow Fast Food' which contains things that can be made in advance when you have time, to enjoy when you don't have time.

Conran Octopus Publishing

Following the form of Roget's Thesaurus, The Flavour Thesaurus is a unique treasury of flavour combinations offering endless diversion and inspiration for the creative cook. Attractively packaged, this unique book is packed with quirky observations, practical recipes and good jokes.

Ever wondered why one flavour works with another? Or lacked inspiration for what to do with a bundle of beetroot? "The Flavour Thesaurus" is the first book to examine what goes with what, pair by pair. This book follows the form of "Roget's Thesaurus". It includes 980 entries in all and 200 recipes or suggestions are embedded in the text.


Tuesday, 31 August 2010


A few new additions to our book selection arrived today. First up is How to Create a Portfolio & Get Hired: A Guide for Graphic Designers and Illustrators If you are feeling that your portfolio is a little tired and uninspired or you just don't know where to start, this new publication from Laurence King could be the answer and is a great tool for designers/ graduates and students alike.

This book shows those embarking on an illustration or graphic design career how best to put together an effective, professional portfolio. It discusses what to include and how to organize and display the work, and also advises on presentation techniques and self-promotion. Both print and virtual portfolios are covered. The book also features a listings section detailing online resources and publications to aid research; suppliers; specialist libraries; industry-related trade fairs; and professional organizations.

Next we have a new edition of the much loved and very popular How to be a Graphic Designer Without Losing your Soul . Many of you will be familiar with this title, of which this is an updated 2nd edition with all new imagery and updated interviews, but for those of you who aren't, this book addresses the concerns of young designers who want to earn a living by doing expressive and meaningful work and avoid becoming a hired drone working on soulless projects. Offering straight-talking advice on how to establish your design career and suggestions - that you won’t have been taught at college - for running a successful business. This revised, extended edition includes all-new chapters covering professional skills, design thinking, and global trends, including green issues, ethics and the rise of digital culture.

And finally... a mini edition of The Picture Book: Contemporary Illustration
It is a comprehensive survey of new and exciting work from across the globe that will appeal to experts and newcomers alike.

Compiled by award-winning designer Angus Hyland, The Picture Book presents a broad spectrum of styles, techniques and subject matter representative of current trends and innovations to create a stunning compendium of work. Each artist's work is accompanied by a self-portrait and a short, illuminating profile exploring their inspirations and their approach both to illustration and to their career.

Sunday, 29 August 2010


Part time sales assistant required to work 1 or two days of the week in our ludlow shop.

Previous experience in retail/ customer service and a knowledge of the company is essential.

This position will ideally suit a recent graduate of a related subject with a firm understanding of the work we sell and the premise of material, who is looking for 1-2 days work a week.

The candidate will be expected to serve customers, have the ability to talk to customers about the artists/ products we sell.

Job will also entail retail display, stock level analysis and general admin tasks.

Wage: national minimum wage

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to