Thursday, 9 September 2010


Those of you who yearn for an honest healthy approach to fast food may be familiar with the London chain Leon

Written by the man behind the fast food chain, Henry Dimbleby, Leon's recently published and beautifully designed book is both inspriring and exceptionally practical; a reflection of the design and premise of the restaurant itself. The combination of it's signature 1930s/40s Spanish graphics and recipes delivered in a buoyant tone whilst ticking all the boxes, this book is a delight to read.

A book of two halves. The first half is 'Fast Food', which contains recipes for every occasion that take a maximum of 20 minutes to prepare: from a work day breakfast and children's meals to simple suppers and party food. The second half is 'Slow Fast Food' which contains things that can be made in advance when you have time, to enjoy when you don't have time.

Henry will be in town during the food festival and will be signing his new book at Material on Sunday.  

If you can't make it and would like a signed copy put by, please contact us in advance.

Location Material 5 Market Street, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 1BP


Our exhibition, Light between Dark; an exhibition of print work by Lucy Jones begins tomorrow and previews tonight at our Ludlow store.

A graduate of the RCA, Lucy Jones has been the principal subject of her own paintings for about 20 years and is celebrated for her powerful and sometimes disturbing self-portraits.

“Painting is like slowly taking bits of myself out of a box and beginning to examine them. I explore this in strong colour and very directly in paint, and look at views of the outside world.”

As Jones’ focus has more recently been with printing, this September, we will be exhibiting a selection of her recent and retrospective prints predominantly of landscapes and townscapes- the latter of which she works “to defuse the emotional impact of the work”.  

With a redirection of her gaze from looking at self to looking out to the world, her work depicts the surface memories of life with a reflection of nostalgia and exploring the idea that “we see the world not as it is- but through our projections and hopes... My work may touch and use everyday awkwardnesses, seen and unseen, happy or sad. How the world’s gaze perceives us, and how our gaze can look outwards.” 

Exhibition runs until 30th September- hope to see you there.