Friday, 24 December 2010


For those of you living a little on the edge this Christmas, we will be offering a few gift ideas throughout the day.

The first installment are these fantastic Playshapes by Millergoodman- the people behind Shapemakers. A shapemaker would be a great way to keep the kids quiet this Christmas but, with 74 wooden geometric shapes which you can arrange or stack to make hundreds of 3D creations, Play shapes is going to win hands down.

Young children will enjoy balancing the head and body shapes to make all sorts of funny creatures. Older children may prefer recreating the inventive 3D structures from the enclosed illustrations, giving them inspiration and confidence to build their own creations. The shapes are also an intriguing and imaginative plaything for adults.
Beautifully crafted from environmentally - friendly, durable rubberwood, the shapes feel soft in your hand and the flashes of colour add a modern accent.

Because of some small parts PlayShapes has a 3+ recommendation these can be taken out and added in later.
Tested in accordance with European (EN) and U.S. (ASTM) standards
Box size L 21cm x W 19cm x H 15cm Weight 3.2kgs

£75 available in Ludlow only