Saturday, 6 June 2009

New Book in Stock

Naive, a new book by Gestalten, is now in stock at Material and will soon be available to buy online. It features the work of illustrator Marcus Walters who has a selection of work in our gallery.

Devour/ Bamboo Dreams

We returned from London having lost Nicholas on the Saturday and acquired Wuon Gean on the Sunday who was brandishing hand made books aplenty for our exhibition and launch of her two new books, Devour and Bamboo Dream that took place on the Bank Holiday Monday. The books will be on display in the shop for the next few months.

Eating cake and drinking 'Marches Iced Tea' at the book launch.

Delicious nettle and primrose and lavender cupcakes by Laura Bolt. Possibly the prettiest cakes. Although we had just returned from London (with Wuon Gean in tow) and I had loads to do in preparation for the book launch, I couldn't not make a cake. However, me being me, I chose to make a lemon and polenta cake (the one in the right hand corner) which took way over half an hour. Whereas, Wuon Gean made a wonderful chocolate in only 20 mins!

Material and the Drawing Room in association with The House of Fairy Tales

Muffy, Nicholas, Joe and myself took a road tripped it to London where we participated in an installation on the front lawn of the Tate Modern during the long weekend of the Tate modern's annual festival. Over 100,00 members of the public passed through this temporary environment of artists, designers, inventors and sengineers.

Suddenly, I was totally surrounded and Joe was nowhere to be seen (I eventually found him drinking tea and pretending to be busy taking photos in an effort to avoid the crowds of children).

Muffy did some classic reading from Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and created life size shadow puppets with Nicholas whilst I kick started the badge making for our section titled 'Making Your Drawings into Things'. You can see more of Muffy's work on her website

The amazing card board ice cream van opposite The Drawing Room.

The Drawing Room tent outside the Tate Modern where it all took place.