Thursday, 10 June 2010


Samples pages from Work

Samples pages from Work

Samples pages from The Stranger

Samples pages from The Stranger

New in at Material London this week are 4 beautiful hand printed books by Ottobooks.

The four books are designed, printed and published by Otto
with poetry by Benjamin Heathcote

- Musical Chairs
- Races
- Work
- The Stranger

A6, screen printed with 2 colours in an edition of 100 and priced at £13.
All are the same format and feature a wrap-around super sleeve and a fold-out double page spread.

Otto has been self-publishing artists' books since 1995.
He also illustrates for international newspapers and magazines, specialising in political and economic subjects.
Accordingly, his books are illustration-based, the visual narratives dealing with social and political issues in the tradition of Constructivist Designers of the early 20th Century.
He regularly exhibits at book fairs, and his books are sold in Artists' book shops. (including BookArtBookShop, Kaleid Editions, V&A, Whitechapel Gallery Shop, Ebert&Weber-Berlin, Edinburgh Print Makers, Spike Print Studios-Bristol)

About Benjamin Heathcote:
Benjamin Heathcote is a poet based in Hackney, London
He describes his writing as "The lyrical antidote to all modern nonsense."

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