Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Published to coincide with the exhibition “Unexpected Guests. Yesterday’s houses, today’s design”, curated by Beppe Finessi in collaboration with Cristina Miglio and organized by the Association of Milan’s House Museums, this publication of the same title is a wonderful account of contemporary design and production and it's comparison to the craftmanship of past.

In four of Milan’s Museum Houses (Museo Bagatti Valsecchi, Casa Boschi di Stefano, Villa Necchi Campiglio and Museo Poldi Pezzoli), past and present objects reveal important and unforeseen consonance.

First, the wide range of designed objects (carpets, stool, combs, centre-pieces, suitcases, watches, and many others) in comparison with previous design habits that dealt almost exclusively with armchairs, chairs and lamps.
Also, the growing importance given to the decoration of surfaces, which is made possible in the very last years by the recent use of new materials and technologies also for small-scale productions.


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