Wednesday, 2 June 2010


New in at Material are these wonderful vinyl wall stickers by Woozy.

Born from the mind of two creative designers, specialising in illustration, decorative graphics and concept design, Woozy's aim is to create and stimulate spaces using brand new techniques as a fresh, innovative, alternative to traditional decoration.

The collection is totally conceptualized designed and produced by us to offer a product that is 100% handmade.

The stickers are specifically designed for wall application, but they are equally suitable for windows, mirrors, doors, laptops and phones and for any other clean and dry surface.

They are easy to remove and don't leave any mark. Damage on paintwork may happen only if the wall is not in good condition. Stickers may be applied only once.

Woozy are also available for customization services for people who want to create a truly unique and original space.

The design pictured "Life" is available in store.

Kit size: 14,8x22 cm
Application: 1,5mt x 1,5mt
Price £9.00

Visit us in store to view the full range.

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