Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Last month and in no time at all + and - was a sell out at Material but it is now back in stock- phew!

The visual game “Plus and minus” consists of 72 cards, each having a different image. Many of these images (48) have a transparent background and can thus be superimposed to compose other more complex images and stimulate the child’s creative capacities.
Superimposing some of the tree images creates a wood. Superimposing on the wood the image of rain or that of the sun or moon, or of a flight of birds, or of a passing dog, and so on, the total image can be continuously modified.
n these square cards the colour is perfectly balanced with the drawing, and together they simply tell stories, which are bonded together by the imagination of the players: the role of the authors is just to give different suggestions to let the players compose countless stories.

It is available to purchase at £35.00 in store or online

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