Monday, 26 July 2010


Many of you who know us at material and have a vague idea of our roots, will know what Ludlow sausage is however, having been stopped on Beak Street the other day by a Taxi Driver who proceeded to stop traffic in order to ask me what Ludlow Sausage is, I feel I should give those of you not so much in the know an explanation. So, here goes...

Material was originally established in the market town of Ludlow, a town which, in previous years, established itself a reputation for being a gourmet restaurant capital with a great food festival. A feature of this food festival is the famous Sausage trail in which the six famously retained independent butchers shops, each with their own particular specialities, compete for the award of the best sausage of the year. Having won a few years in a row, one of these award winning sausages is called Ludlow Sausage.

The recipe of the Ludlow Sausage is a well kept secret created by Carters Butchers. Unfortunately, this butcher closed two years ago but the recipe was passed on to D. W. Wall & Son round the corner (not to be confused with their larger sausage-making namesake) and, thus, the Ludlow Sausage lives on.

The sausage was also given a new lease of life in the form a a Tyrells crisp flavour, Ludlow Sausage and Mustard.

We at material like to champion the Ludlow Sausage and have been producing these bags since being established in 2007. They were discontinued for a short spell but due to demand, they are now back on the menu. They are available to buy in store and online and with every order or purchase over £25, you will receive one free.

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