Saturday, 21 August 2010


New to Material is the beautiful Architecture magazine Mark. Bought to you by the lovely people at Frame, Mark magazine sees itself as a platform for the practice and perception of architecture at the dawn of the third millennium.

Since its launch in 2005, Mark has had a radically international perspective, shining its spotlight on starchitects and new talent alike. Mark explores the boundaries of architecture and anticipates what’s hotting up around the next corner – free of academicism and architectural jargon. A number of regular features highlight each issue of Mark:

* Pinned to the ‘Notice Board’ are eye-grabbing images and memos sighted on architects’ drawing boards worldwide.
* Cutting-edge articles in ‘Cross Section’ whisk readers to the boundaries of architecture and beyond.
* The ideas of both young architects and more experienced mavericks appear in ‘Viewpoint’.
* ‘Long Section’ offers page after page of articles on new buildings, letters reflecting the state of affairs in urban design, and reports on fascinating phenomena from skate parks and space architecture to mobile and treetop living.
* Concluding the magazine is ‘Service Area‘, a section filled with interviews about literature, product development and building technology.

The magazine is £14 and available in both our Ludlow and London stores.

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