Friday, 3 September 2010


Our final addition to our extensive new range of books that loosely reside under the category of Food & Drink is JELLY by Bompas & Parr. Those of you who have been dining out in the summer months may have noticed Jelly is making a bit of a comeback and a lot of thanks goes out to these creative capers and their architectural forms of jelly.

We at Material have had our eye on these chaps since stumbling upon their Alcoholic Architecture which consisted of a walk in cloud of breathable G&T (of course you couldn't keep something like this from our gin loving Lady). Other accolades include work on Heston Blumenthals recent series Feast; a vast glowing jelly installation for San Francisco MOMA; and the Architectural Punchbowl where they flooded a Robert Adam building with 4 tonnes of Courvoisier Punch.

As Bompas & Parr also design and manufacturer bespoke jelly moulds and kitchenalia and make fine English jellies, it wasn't going to be long before these jellymongers were championed in book form. JELLY is the definitive book on the history and making of the jelly presenting an overview of the history of jelly, ranging from Henry VIII's 'jelly hippocras' to the forms dreamed up by the Victorians. It then explores the science of creating the perfect jelly, using the very best ingredients and unmoulding techniques.

Published by Anova Books

For more information, visit the Bompas and Parr website

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