Saturday, 19 February 2011


Two new additions to Material, these wonderful screen prints by friend and designer William Jean have been in our possession for a few months now and, after some deliberation over the vastness of Fléches, we finally got them up...

Fléches // silk screen print // 120 x 176cm // edition of 50 // £300

A truly stunning print, Fléches, pictured above, is printed on the grand scale of 120cm x 176cm and has quite an impact. Based on the translation of the word: literally, arrow, from Old French fleche, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle Dutch vlieke arrow, Old English flēogan to fly the print was produced for William Jean's exhibition at the Festival International de l'affiches et du Graphisme in Chaumont 2010.

Infini // silk screen print // 100 x 80cm // edition of 50 // £100

Infini is £100 unframed / £185 framed (trimmed) and is also available to buy online

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